HP engineered universal kit is for you if you want to enhance productivity. This remarkable and powerful universal Kit gives you best in class solutions by adding cutting edge performance and super flexibility. With the increasing demands of storage devices, HP designed the highly optimized and powerful performance tower racks to accomplish the end computer users' storage needs. This tower rack conversion is suitable for most of the dell series servers to enhance overall performance at a very cost effective price. For such products, the DC provides a limited time of warranty period. So, any product damage can be repaired by the respective data center during the Warranty Period.


Additional Information

Supportive Servers

ML110, ML110 G2, ML110 G3, ML110 G5, ML110 G6, ML110 G7, ML115 G5, ML150 G5, ML150 G6, ML310 G3, ML310 G5, ML330 G6, ML350e G8

30 Days Warranty